You may never know what results come of your action,
     but if you do nothing there will be no result.

Mahatma Gandhi, Indian civil rights activist (1869–1948)


  • active participation in instructors' circle of Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • active participation in advisory board at Darmstadt University h_da 
  • rejuvenation of team by attracting additional dual students
  • agreements on objectives for salary increase
  • internal and external workshops and training
  • attractive social spaces
  • free hygiene and care products


  • flexible working hours
  • ergonomic work stations
  • sound reduction in conference rooms
  • foot- and sound-friendly carpeting
  • free hot and cold drinks, snacks and cereals


  • flexible home office options
  • bicycles for short trips
  • web-based conference platform
  • office within walking distance of Darmstadt central station
  • optimal accessibility by public transport


  • replacement of all lights with LED
  • replacement of desktop PCs (consumption 200 W) with notebooks (consumption 55 W)
  • workstation-specific multiple sockets
  • reduction of servers (consumption 2,000 W) by end-to-end virtualization
  • printers with EcoSys technology
  • energy-saving dishwasher in office canteen


  • stringent separation of waste
  • recycling of old equipment and reuse of components that are still good for use
  • use of reusable packaging for shippable goods
  • replacement of water crates by drinking water treatment